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Biolage for me: products for my hair’s care!

by veryfp

Biolage for me: products for my hair’s care! I have long hair that I’m not going (yet) to cut but they require continuous care especially after an intense sun and sea from summer. Also hair dye…result: dry and dehydrated hair….

… I found the perfect professional products to moisturize my hair: Matrix Biolage line Hydrasource! A perfect blend of nature and science that offers a range of professional products with delicate formulas but with high-performance! Biolage lines are suitable for all the needs of our hair. The right one for me is the Hydrasource, with by the ability of aloe to retain water as well as our hair will retain the moisture.

cura dei capelliI immediately loved the conditioner to be applied after shampoo, by massaging for a few minutes. Equally usefull the mask to use 1-2 times a week.

cura dei capelli

capelli lunghicura dei capelliThe hair becomes soft as silk and the tonic helps to keep this sensation for all days. Biolage protects my hair in a fast way without rinse!

cura dei capelli

cura dei capelliScopri di più e visita la pagina Facebook di Matrix Italia

Un trucco perfetto da mattina a sera, #makeithappen!

Black bacpack!

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